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Korean Actress nga si Yoo Joo-Eun Gina-Alegar Naghikog; Aktres Nagbilin sang Suicide Note

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Nagtaliwan na ang Korean actress nga si Yoo Joo-eun sa edad nga 27-anyos, ini ang ginkumpirmar sang iya utod pinaagi sa pagpost sa Instagram account sang aktres sini lamang nga hapon sang Lunes, Agosto 29.

Suno sa utod sang aktres, gina-alegar naghikog si Yoo Joo-eun bangud nagbilin pa ini sang suicide note kun diin nagapangayo ini sang pasaylo sa iya mga himata kag abyan.

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Korean actress Yoo Joo-eun allegedly suicide because she left a suicide note. Photo from Yoo Joo-eun’s Instagram.

Ginpakigbahin sang utod ang mensahe ni Yoo Joo-eun sa social media bangud ini ang ulihi nga request sang aktres.

Yari ang ginsulat ni Yoo Joo-eun sa iya ginbilin nga mensahe:

“I am sorry I left first. In particular, I am most sorry for my mom, dad, grandma, and brother. My heart screams that my heart doesn’t want to live. Your daily life without me may be empty, but live strongly nonetheless. I’ll be watching over you. Please do not cry,

I’m not sad at all now. Maybe it’s because I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. I’ve lived a very, very happy life. So that’s enough for me. So don’t blame anyone and move on.

I’m not dead. So live well everyone. I really wanted to act. Maybe it was my everything or part of me. But it wasn’t easy to live that life. I don’t want to do anything else. It was so hopeless. It’s a blessing to have something you want to do, but it’s a curse that you want to do only that.

God loves me so he won’t send me to hell. He will understand my heart and take care of me from now on. So don’t worry everyone.

And to my beloved family, friends and loves. Thank you so much for caring and loving me. That was my strength and my smile. I think I had a successful life because I lived to the end with memories that I will never forget. Thank you so much for embracing and understanding me who is lacking and impatient. I’m sorry I didn’t express it well. Hope you’ll understand me.”

Sandig sa mensahe ni Yoo Joo-eun, indi nangin mahapos ipursige ang ‘acting’, kun diin nangin parte na ini sang iya kabuhi.

Nagpasalamat man ini sa mga nagsuporta sa iya kag sa mga nakaupod niya sang buhi pa ini.

Madumduman nga nangin parte si Yoo Joo-eun sang Korean TV series nga “Big Forest” sadtong tuig 2018 kag “Joseon Survival Period” sadtong tuig 2019.

Nakatalana naman nga ilubong si Yoo Joo-eun sa Agosto 31.

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