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Manugtaya sa Lotto Nagdagsa Bangud sang P400 Million nga Jackpot Prize

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photo courtesy of Business News Philippines

Ginalauman ang pagdagsa sang mga manugtaya sa lotto sini nga adlaw miyerkules, bangud posible nga maglab-ot sa 400 milyones ka pesos ang jackpot prize.

Sang tinalikdan nga lunes, naglab-ot sa P372 milyones ang jackpot prize sa 6/55 draw.

Sini nga gab-i ,miyerkules, ginalauman ang pagdaku pa gid sang premyo, bangud sang nagadamu nga manugtaya.

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Tatlo ka bulan nga wala sang nagdaug sa 6/55 draw gani nagdaku nga nagdaku ang premyo.

Sa iban nga lotto outlet, halos wala na sang card para sa 6/55 draw bangud sang nagadamu nga manugtaya.*

by: Sunshine Lacson

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Shiela G. Gelera
Shiela G. Gelera
Shiela G. Gelera is a Bacolod City/Negros Occidental-based journalist who has covered various beats since she started her media career in 2013 up to the present. She had worked with the oldest local daily newspaper in the Visayas before she hopped into the broadcast industry. Currently the news director of Radyo Bandera Sweet FM Bacolod. Aside from being with the local media outfit, she is also a news stringer for a national media network and a story contributor for a local news daily in Bacolod.

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