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NPA angut sa kamatayon ni Ka Juanito Magbanua: ‘Cold-blooded’ nga pagpatay

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BACOLOD CITY – Nagpaguwa sang pahayag ang New People’s Army (NPA) sang Martes, Oktubre 11 angut sa kamatayon sang ila spokesperson ukon tagpamaba nga si Ka Juanito Magbanua (Romeo Nanta).

Photo courtesy of Negros Rev Portal.
Photo courtesy of Negros Rev Portal.

Base sa pahayag sang Apolinario Gatmaitan Command sang NPA Regional Operational Command-Negros Island, “cold-blooded murder” kag indi engkwentro ang nagluntad sang Lunes sang hapon, Oktubre 10 sa Sitio Medel, Brgy. Carabalan, sa siudad sang Himamaylan.

Dugang pa sang AGC-NPA Negros, ginpatay si Ka Juanito matapos ini nadakpan sang mga katapo sang 94th Infantry Battalion (IB).

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Base naman sa report sang 94th IB, nasapwan ang bangkay ni Ka Juanito sang nagpatigayon ang mga soldado sang pursuit operation batuk sa rebeldeng grupo nga nagresulta sa pagbalusay sang lupok nga naglawig sang 10 ka minutos.

Dugang pa sang 94th IB, nagpalagyo ang mga rebelde kag nabilin ang bangkay ni Ka Juanito.

Nagpaguwa man sang alegasyon ang AGC-NPA Negros nga may natirohan nga mangunguma ang 94th IB kag gindala nila ini sa ospital sa Bacolod kagab-i sang Lunes, Oktubre 10.

Yari ang kumpleto nga pahayag sang AGC-NPA Negros:

“It was a cold-blooded murder not an encounter that happened yesterday afternoon in Sitio Medel, Barangay Carabalan, Himamaylan City. Ka Juanito Mabanua (Romeo Nanta), spokesperson of AGC-NPA Negros was summarily killed by elements of the 94th Infantry Battalion after he was captured in the area.

Under the laws of war, Ka JM should have been accorded the status of hors de combat (combatants who are not in a position to fight). His rights should have been respected and treated with humanity.

BGen. Pasaporte is again and again spewing lies to justify the war crimes of the Philippine Army and obscure the utter failure of their counter-insurgency campaign.

How could there be an encounter when only four shots and a crying child were heard from the vicinity where Ka JM was staying around 5:45 in the afternoon? How could there be an encounter when there was no NPA unit in the area at the time?

Pasaporte keeps on repressing the truth from the people and spins the story to their favor. Reliable sources inform us that the 94th IB also shot a farmer yesterday and took him to a Bacolod hospital last night with a military convoy to ensure no access to the victim.

Suffering from hypertension and arthritis, Ka JM chose to stay in Sitio Medel to closely monitor the situation of the masses while the NPA unit maneuvered away from the area after the October 6 encounter.

Last time he was in contact with comrades, Ka JM was very concerned about the martial law imposed on Himamaylan mountain barangays. He still wanted to engage with the media to expose the brutality perpetrated by state forces and debunk numerous lies peddled by the AFP. However, the situation did not permit it.

This is a day of mourning for all comrades, revolutionary forces, friends and family and especially the exploited and oppressed masses, not only in Negros but the whole country. Ka JM understood best what it meant to commit to serve the people and it is upon the revolutionary ranks to follow his example and wholeheartedly persevere in revolutionary struggle.

The AGC-NPA Negros with the entire revolutionary movement vow to exact justice for the cold-blooded murder of Ka Juanito Magbanua and for all victims of state terrorism perpetrated by the AFP and PNP by carrying on with intensive and extensive guerrilla warfare based on an ever widening and deepening mass base.

The revolutionary movement in Negros must launch greater resistance to heightened oppression and exploitation on the Island and achieve victories in armed struggle, agrarian revolution and building the organs of political power. As Ka Juanito Magbanua would end his speeches, MABUHAY ANG MASANG PIGOS!”

Gindayaw naman ni LTC Van Donald Almonte, Commander sang 94th IB, ang mga soldado nga nagapadayon sang ila operasyon sa Himamaylan.

“I am encouraging the remaining terrorists in Himamaylan to lay down your arms or you will suffer the same fate. The Government offers you an option to be with your family and avail the different government programs to start a new life,” pahayag ni LTC Almonte.

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