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Pilipinas ‘no info’ angut sa warning sang Japan sa posible terror attacks sa Southeast Asia

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Ginpahayag sang Philippine National Police (PNP) kag Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) nga wala sang may nabaton nga report angut sa posible nga terror attacks santo sa advisory sang Japan.

Sa isa ka separado nga statement, ginpahayag ni PNP chief Gen. Guillermo Eleazar kag AFP spokesperson Col. Ramon Zagala nga wala sila nakabaton sang report gikan sa ila nga intelligence network apang wala naman nila ini ginapawalaan lamang.

“We have not received any report on possible terror attacks as advised by the Japan Foreign Ministry but this does not mean that we would lower our guard on this matter,” pahayag ni Eleazar.

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“As of now, we have not received any report. We constantly validate all reports on security matters and it is a continuous process. As per last review our threat level is moderate,” pahayag naman ni Zagala.

Nahibaluan nga nagpaggwa sang warning sa ila mga resident ang Ministry of Foreign Affairs sang Japan nahanungod sa posible nga terror attacks kaangay sang pagpamomba sa Southeast Asia ilabi na sa Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, kag Myanmar.

Ginsiling naman ni Eleazar nga padayon ang “intensified intelligence-gathering” sang PNP agud nga malikawan ang nasambit nga pagpangatake.

Samtang ginsiling naman ni Zagala nga nagpatuman na sang intensified internal security operations ang AFP.

“We ensure that all citizens, Filipinos or not, as long as they are within our territory, are protected and kept safe from terrorists’ threats,” pahayag ni Zagala.*

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Jinn Siatita
Jinn Siatita
Jinn Siatita, a radio reporter and a news writer in one of the local FM radio stations in Bacolod. Honed by the best and molded by experts.

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