Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Stadium Sa Colombia Narusdak; 4 Patay!

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Apat patay, 30 nasamaran matapos narusdak ang stadium sa El Espinal sa Colombia samtang may bullfight, Domingo, Hunyo 26.

Radyo Bandera graphic artist

“At this moment, we have four (dead) victims confirmed — two women, an adult man and a minor — plus about 30 people seriously injured. Of course, we have activated all the hospitals and ambulances we can work with.” Suno kay Colombian Governor Ricardo Orozco.

Ginkumpirmar sang Mayor sang Espinal nga si Juan Carlos Tamayo ang aksidente kag wala sang opisyal nga kabangdanan kun nga-a natabo ini.

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Coolen Cubia
Coolen Cubia
A newscaster and news writer in one of the Local Radio FM Stations in Negros Occidental. Graduated in University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication.

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