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Taiwan kag Germany nagakinahanglan sang 20,000 Workers kag 600 Nurses halin sa Pilipinas

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Ginpahayag ni Migrant Workers Secretary Susa Ople nga plano sang pungsod Taiwan nga magabaton sang 20,000 ka mga Filipino workers antes matapos ang tuig 2022.

Magabaton man ang Germany kag Singapore sang mga Information Technology (IT) kag healthcare Filipino professionals.

Overseas Filipino Workers line up at the airport to work in the states. Photo from ABS-CBN.

Suno kay Ople, nagpahayag ang Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) angut sa plano sang ila gobyerno nga magakuha sila sang mga healthcare workers.

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Yara naman sa 600 ka mga nurses ang kinahanglan sang Germany para sa ila mga ospital kag elderly care centers.

Pagasugdan na sang Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) ang pagbaton sang mga aplikasyon sa nasambit nga employment opportunity sa idalum sang Germany’s Triple Win Project (TWP).

“The good news is that Facebook Singapore is actually hiring Filipino workers. For the first time, Facebook has requested for accreditation as an employer which speaks a lot about the excellence of our Filipino IT professionals and Grab Singapore, another multi-national brand is also keen on hiring from us,” suno kay Ople.

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Reyster Gani
Reyster Gani
News Writer /News Reporter at Radyo Bandera Sweet FM Bacolod. BS Mass Communication Graduate at University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos

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