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Tricia Robredo Nabaton Sa Harvard Medical School for Master’s Program

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Vice Pesident Leni Robredo nag pahayag sang iya kalipay kag pasalamat matapos ang iya bata nga si Tricia Robredo (amo) ang nabaton sa Harvard Medical School.

Photo from Radyo Bandera graphic artist

Sa isa ka interview, ang Vice President nagsiling nga ang iya bata ang nakasulod sa school for the Master of Medical Sciences in Global Health Delivery program.

Ginpahayag ni Robredo nga kinanlan sang iya bata nga ipaliban anay ang iya residency program sang maka duha.

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“The first one was when I asked her to help us out with our Covid Response Operations. When our Covid situation got a little better, she planned on starting her Residency in January 2022,” hambal sang outgoing Vice President.

“When I suddenly decided to run in October 2021, she felt I would need her in the campaign and decided to forgo it the second time.”

Siling sang Vice President, si Tricia ang “consistently doing hospital work as an ER doctor and also doing clinical work,” dugang niya pa.

“But, aside from these, she has also immersed herself in several public health projects and had a deeper understanding of how health care is delivered to our communities,” siling ni Robredo.

Dugang niya pa “She wanted to do more about the situation and started writing correspondences about the different realities she was exposed to. Several of her works were published in medical journals. That was when she learned that this was what she wanted to pursue,”

Nahibaluan nga madugay na nakabalo si Robredo sa pagsulod ni Tricia apang nagdesider sila nga tagoon anay nila ang balita tubtob nga ma-finalized na.

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